infinity wedding band

The Eternal Love of Infinity Wedding Band

Infinity wedding band has a profound and simple concept. The concept is described in the endless circle and also the unfathomable size of the world. The word infinity comes from a Latin word, “infinitas.” Infinitas means not bounded and not limited. However, there is a special meaning for infinity for couples. It is about the start of togetherness, like they have always known each other all of their lives, and […]

peacock themed wedding ideas

All Things for Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock themed wedding are amazingly popular, just like the peacock itself. The bird is so pretty when it spread its tail. The color tone is so royal and over the top elegant. The mixture of the color is simply one of the best one to use for any weddings. Who does not want this elegance and rich colors for their weddings? If a couple want their wedding to be remembered […]

double wedding ring quilt ideas

The Romance behind Double Wedding Ring Quilt

What is so romantic about the double wedding ring quilt? This is not a true question as the question should be what is not so romantic about it. The pattern of the quilt itself is often said to be the quilt from a century earlier but in fact, the old design have been undergoing changes that it is now renewed. The original design of the pattern is the two interlocking […]

wedding burlap

Burlap Wedding, Elegance in Simplicity

Burlap wedding is one of the trending wedding themes. Who knew cloth like burlap could be turned into simple yet elegant wedding theme? Well, this unique cloth has certainly becoming more modern and sophisticated. With the right ideas and inspirations, the cloth can make one of the most unique wedding themes. Burlap Wedding Decorations Decorate your wedding with burlaps. Use burlaps as the base of the table cloth and put […]

cheap asymmetrical wedding dresses

The Asymmetrical Wedding Dress for the Bride

Why should a bride wear an asymmetrical wedding dress? If you are the bride and you know that on your special day, all eyes will be on you, would not you want to look beautiful? If you think that a dress with asymmetrical bottom looks best on you, then why not? It is normal for a lady to want to look the loveliest she can be, especially for such an […]