wedding thank you note wording

The Guide of the Wedding Thank You Note Wording

Make to do list when you are preparing for your wedding and do not forget to insert wedding thank you note wording in the list. There are so many things to prepare for the wedding and if you do not make the list, you will forget them. The list should not end with everything that needs to be done before the reception as you should also write a thank you […]

empire waist wedding dresses

Is the Dropped Waist Wedding Dress the Dress for You?

When you hear the dropped waist wedding dress, what do you think of? The name clearly suggests the look of the dress. The wedding gown is the one that feature a lowered waist line. When we talk about lower here, it means to be lower than usual. The skirt will not be attached to the natural waist which is in line with the navel, instead the skirt is attached to […]

elegant hawaiian wedding dresses

How Do the Empire Waist Wedding Dresses Look Like?

As the name Empire Waist Wedding Dresses suggest, this type of dress is defined by the waistline. It is also often called the empire silhouette. The waistline of the empire silhouette is directly underneath the bust and this is the line where it meets the skirts. The skirt itself can have different designs. It can be the sheath skirt as it follows the same lines or it can also be […]

infinity wedding ring

The Eternal Love of Infinity Wedding Band

Infinity wedding band has a profound and simple concept. The concept is described in the endless circle and also the unfathomable size of the world. The word infinity comes from a Latin word, “infinitas.” Infinitas means not bounded and not limited. However, there is a special meaning for infinity for couples. It is about the start of togetherness, like they have always known each other all of their lives, and […]

vintage peacock themed wedding

All Things for Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacock themed wedding are amazingly popular, just like the peacock itself. The bird is so pretty when it spread its tail. The color tone is so royal and over the top elegant. The mixture of the color is simply one of the best one to use for any weddings. Who does not want this elegance and rich colors for their weddings? If a couple want their wedding to be remembered […]